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Going to market in Iraq Going to market in Iraq After the invasion, Iraq have been looked at as a place of patchy progress and broken politics. Today, though, despite the remaining negative sentiment, Iraq is gradually emerging into a world of economic possibilities; part of Iraq is becoming more politically stable, more economically prosperous, and more integrated to the international economic community — the Kurdish region and the southern provinces are already enjoying greater peace and prosperity READ MORE

Client Results

Developing Mining & Mineral Strategy Developing Mining & Mineral Strategy While the country has large resources of minerals, the exploration and exploitation activities of those resource has been minimal in the last decades. A revision of the current mining and mineral strategy and the relevant laws are required in order to attract international investors and mining companies. READ MORE

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The Management Partners senior team has a combined consulting expertise of over 140 years and has served Fortune 500 clients and public institutions in North America, Europe, Asia and across the Middle East. READ MORE