Iraq Pharma Report

Operating as a pharmaceutical company in Iraq comes with a number of challenges - one of them is the lack of reliable market data, especially for the private segment.

While reliable market information are critical to steer and monitor the local sales force of pharmaceutical companies, the collection of accurate pharmaceutical drug market and sales information is difficult due to the lack of electronic point of sales systems in the pharmacies in Iraq.

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As Management Partners we have therefore set-up a specialized market research unit focusing on conducting regular pharmacy audits with collaborating pharmacies across Iraq.

The collaborating pharmacies are providing us on a monthly basis all their purchase invoices (Drug procurement of the Pharmacy from Madkhars/ Wholesalers and Scientific Offices/ Distributors).

Our team scans all purchase invoices, conducts a computer supported optical character recognition followed by manual data entry and data cleansing. After that our team of pharmacists conducts an advanced data entry by assigning all drugs their respective WHOCC ATC Code, followed by a comprehensive data analysis and report generation.

Collecting purchase Invoices at the pharmacy level provides also additional insights regarding strength and preferences of the local distribution channels:

  • Top regional wholesalers/ madkhars (by product groups and manufacturer)
  • Top regional distributors/ scientific offices (by product groups and manufacturer)
  • Variations of wholesaler/ distributor sales pricing

Interested parties can subscribe to our quarterly reports providing them with monthly numbers regarding manufacturer market share and size by region, market share and size by product groups and regions as well top distributors by region.  It also provides customized chapters for drug manufactures providing them with specific information regarding their product sales and related product group market share, their key distribution channels per region and information regarding wholesale price variations of their products.

We also provide customized data analysis and report generations for our clients.

For more information please request our free sample report or contact us via our contact form.