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Business Strategy

In the business strategy area we support our clients to create tangible value by creating long-terms sustainable strategies for corporate business units. This process entails analysis and development of strategies through multiple stages, such as:

  • Market opportunities analysis:  flesh out potential ideas. The scope of such analysis can range from straight forward and short-term, to expansive and longer term, with means to answer key questions centered around understanding the market and its dynamics, such as:  
    • Growth of market for each segement along with key drivers 
    • Dynamics and trends of market for each segement 
    • Development of new geographies and new potential 
    • Profitability performance per segement 
    • ...
  • Competitive analysis:  competitive intelligence is critical to both operational and strategic decision making. We work with our clients to understand competitive positioning and competitive risk, as well as help identify gaps and opportunites. In this anaylsis, we work to understand:
    • How well are we positioned in relation to competitors?
    • What can we do to enhance our competitive advantage?
    • What specifics moves will position us for greater future?
    • ...
  • Capabilities analysis:  key to understand corporate operations and systems within the industry to answer key questions, such as:
    • How is our model positioned to compete in the market?
    • What are the very common practices and trends?
    • What are the systems missing and how should we operate on different levels?
    • ...