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Case Studies

Infrastructure Consolidation for International Insurance Company

Client Challenges

  • General cost reduction objective of 20% across the organization set by holding board, to be achieved within 3 yrs
  • Cost reduction for infrastructure operations in Europe, Asia and Americas
  • Distributed local infrastructure with locally driven application landscape
  • International insurance and asset management company with national products and business processes due to fragmented legislation in the insurance sector
  • Weak central governance
  • Need for compelling business cases to convince local boards
  • Start from scratch for design of service products and services processes
  • Weak central basis in terms of know-how and processes in central organization which was chosen as central service hub 

Our Approach

  • Calculate bottom up and top down business case
  • Design and validate key initiatives based on most effective cost savings levers
  • Set up integration team with local and central members
  • Conduct extensive data gathering incl. physical inventory in all countries
  • Develop target scenario for future infrastructure, services and costs
  • Establish local legal entities within all relevant countries to take on local employees and specialists
  • Design and implement new organisation
  • Solve considerable taxation and other legal problems
  • Define migration projects and manage them
  • Set up controlling and steering process 


  • New shared service organisation developed
  • Significant number of migrations conducted for each operating entity or local organisation – based on individual business cases and migration scenarios
  • Setup of new, state-of-the-art infrastructure in central data centre
  • Define and setup of central services (e-mail, directories, web services, other applications)
  • Cost savings of 15-20% of total infrastructure operations
  • Established the basis for extension of shared services to non-IT services (payroll, purchasing, claims etc.)