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Case Studies

Modernization Strategy for group of national oil companies

Our Task

Supporting a group of companies under the Ministry of Oil in their modernization efforts and  requirements specification and procurement of a new IT system to enhance the administrative processes in the ministry and related companies. The support included identification of suitable solutions and system integrators, RfP development, vendor evaluation and providing negotiation and contracting guidelines.

Our Approach

  • Conducted system and service requirements specification document by conducting an in depth assessment of current status and specific process requirements
  • Set-up comprehensive RfP process for the service and system procurement following international best practices and taking local government regulations into account
  • Supported Vendor proposal evaluation by developing a comprehensive and transparent evaluation framework and approach
  • Supported Vendor negotiation by providing negotiation and contracting guidelines and capability building workshops

Our Impact

  • Developed comprehensive system and service requirements document as base for procurement process
  • Developed comprehensive project risk and vendor assessment & mitigation actions
  • Competitive and clearly structured¬† RfP process following best practices¬†
  • Conducted transparent and score based vendor evaluation taking key capabilities and total cost of ownership into account
  • Provided clear negotiation and contracting guidelines