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Case Studies

Transformation Program of national oil companies 

Our Task

Led the overall transformation program at several national oil companies. Our project scope included the overall program and vendor management, change management and capability building support at the group and companies levels.

Our Approach

  • Engage with the client to set up the program management and implementation blue prints
  • Set up blueprint review and acceptance process for pilot and beyond and conduct quality and risk assessments
  • Support preparation of user acceptance testing (UAT) and the check “roll-out cookbook“ describing the technical and business rollout procedures
  • Supervision and review of system integration and performance & stress test protocols 

Our Impact

  • Ensured the establishment of the project organization and the required client capability building for the implementation
  • Ensured through our support that client meets deadlines towards vendor regarding blueprinting effort and document review
  • Received client’s written appreciation for providing critical support on data migration, testing and quality assurance, which highlighted critical issues early on