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Case Studies

Call Center Optimization For a large International Telecom Provider

Client Challenges

  • Dynamic growth of customer leading to very large and costly call center operations.
  • Frequent introduction of new products.
  • Low customer satisfaction and extremely competitive market.
  • Outsourced operations for 1st level support, distributed across several call centers and external providers.
  • High cost and high workload for customer-internal 2nd and 3rd level support.
  • Ambitious cost savings target of >20% within 1 year set by customer.
  • Long resolution times and frequent recalls by end customers.

Our Approach

  • Investigate and analyze a large sample of tickets onsite with call center agents.
  • Define areas for optimization.
  • Design new solution processes, based on extensive root cause analysis.
  • Create rules for problem resolution, to be integrated into rules-based system.
  • Develop new, rules-based system as main call center tool.
  • Connect the new tool to existing systems such as self-developed CRM system.
  • Guide and support customer teams during optimization process, manage overall project.
  • Achieved cost savings of over 35%.
  • Reduced average call handling time by over 75%.
  • Developed new system – based on existing components and standard SW products.
  • Guided implementation during less than 12 months.