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Case Studies

Large Scale Business Transformation of Leading Middle Eastern based Mobile Operator

Client Challenges

  • The leading mobile operator in Middle East was experiencing exponential growth and struggling to manage operational challenges and stay in alignment with overall corporate strategy.
  • The security situation in Middle East presents very unique logistical and financial challenges but the corporate EBITDA targets still needed to be within or better than industry standards
  • Many of the mid-level management staff were extremely young and while well educated lacked the soft skills typically acquired through experience and/or exposure over a period of time.
  • The outsourcing contract covered establishing and operating a Program Management Office (PMO) to support the client in an effort to crystallize its strategy into a sustainable operating portfolio of work with a pragmatic organizational structure and administrative practices. 
  • In addition, the contract covered the establishment of standard practices and general business education.

Our Approach

  • Utilizing standard best practices, and our unique approach to Program Management, we created a full planning and governance model, including key performance metrics and the governance body to manage to the initiatives portfolio.
  • We then worked with the client to create a detailed program model based on their operating guidelines and map all projects and initiatives into that model.
  • We provided a customized and sustainable framework for managing projects and initiatives.
  • In parallel we created a standard educational model that combined classroom training with OTJ training to raise the level of soft skills, especially at the mid management level.
  • We created a program for moving resources from the PMO into key positions in management upon successful completion of this program or upon demonstration of readiness to have a broader impact in key positions
  • During this period, on 3 separate ocassions, the client was in the top 10 EBITDA performing operations globally.
  • Within the larger corporate family, the client moved from being a low contributor to cash flow and revenue, to being the number 1 contributor to the corporate operation.
  • The client moved from supporting 500,000 customers to more than 10 million subs.
  • More than 5 key members of the client’s team are now in senior management positions within the company and having a substantial impact on performance.