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The Telecom Industry is facing major challenges: (1) illiquidity, (2) increased competition especially in emerging markets, (3) increased complexity, (4) overcapacities and reduced pricing power as well as (5) new technologies force telecom leaders to reshape their business. On the one side they have to optimize their performance and decrease development, production, deployment and service costs. On the other side they have to enhance their marketing efforts, seek out for new innovative services and products to meet growing market demands as well as for new enterprise models and strategies taking into account new technologies.

In this turbulent times Telecom companies have to address the following major questions:

  • Where are the most effective levers to reduce costs and optimize processes without disrupting business?
  • What are the potential business models (e.g. Infrastructure based ICT provider, Over the Top Online-Services, Content Provider, etc.) telecom companies should pursue and what are the respective eco-systems they need to build/ integrate with?
  • Which is the infrastructure / technology they should invest and how can they fund these investments?