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Businesses need a post downturn boost

Companies across the UAE are giving their business strategies a face-lift. It’s in a bid to remain competitive in the face of growing competition, as the global market recovers from the economic downturn. According to management consultancy Management Partners, companies that want to thrive have no choice but to rethink their operating strategies.

ARN spoke to partner Amar Shubar who gave his insight about companies’ approach before and after the economic downturn. Shubar describes how after the abruption of a significant growth period, companies are now more cost-conscious and focussed on finding new operating models. These new models are intended to manage a more sustainable cost base which greatly differs from the one preceding the economic downturn.

Shubar then points out that this renaissance is good news for consumers. He underlines that in time of considerable growth, companies were just focussed on managing growth and demand. Since the growth phase has been interrupted, companies turned to an approach more directed to improve the quality of their services and products. This new line aims at maintaining the clientele in light of the increasing competition on the market. This newly adopted strategy, centred on achieving higher-level products, is still an ongoing process but it is progressively achieving its consolidation