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Al-Iraqia Interview with Management Partners on MoCH efforts to restructure its SOEs

JUNE 27, 2012 

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Overview of restructuring efforts of enterprises owned by Ministry of Construction and Housing (MoCH) and their objective to develop them to profitable companies. Mr. Amar Shubar, partner at Manaement Partners, discusses current SOEs strategic and operating plans.

Management Partners Interview on CNBC Arabiya "Jalsat Al Aamal"

FEBRUARY 7, 2011

Interview with Mr. Amar Shubar, Partner of Management Partners, Dubai Based Management Consultancy Firm (www.m-partners.biz), on Local and Foriegn Investments in the Middle East and the main challenges facing investment in Middle East, with insights on the economic development in the region, the most attractive sectors to investments, especially in Iraq, and the key existing/ missing capabilities to attract investments to Middle Eastern Countries