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Business Transformation

With an economic downturn immediately following a period of multi-year double-digit growth many businesses still need to rethink on how to structure and deploy its Business Services. CEOs are making operational excellence as one of their top priorities and companies have to cope with major challenges

1. Handle competitive pressure in a volatile business environment and manage performance (cost and service quality)

  • How to ensure cost-efficient delivery of key products?
  • How to exceed regional and international industry standards for profit growth?
  • How to leverage and built new infrastructure for synergies and scale?
  • What are the best levers to manage and improve performance in a coherent way across all management layers?
  • How to manage increasing complexity of systems and processes?
  • How to reduce complexity of business and support organization, products and (technological)
  • infrastructure and still maintain necessary control and quality?
  • How to standardize services and operating procedures for cost efficient and effective delivery?
2. Leverage new technology enablers effectively
  • How to facilitate the sharing of communication and information infrastructure?
  • How to deploy technological enablers based on a clear business rationale?
  • How to manage business case for large technological investments along implementation?
3. Capture sourcing and outsourcing opportunities
  • How to explore new (out-)sourcing concepts to create financial value for mature business functions (e.g., leveraging outsourcer scale and service depth)?
  • How to ensure end-to-end (out-)sourcing management for maximum impact incl. competitive sourcing process as well as vendor selection and negotiation//contracting strategy?\