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January 17, 2021 | Media News
Amar Shubar, partner at Management Partners helps an Iraqi based startup raise a six-figure investment round
Amar Shubar, partner at Management Partners helps Hi-Express - an Iraqi based startup raise a six-figure investment round through the Iraqi Angel Investors Network »
November 7, 2018 | Media News
IBBC has announced Amar Shubar’s Participation as a Panelist at IBBC Autumn Conference in Dubai
If Iraq wishes to attract foreign investment, whether that is IOC’s setting up operations, consultants or contractors setting up shop, suppliers of goods and products setting up distribution systems, those investors need to know that there is a regulatory framework in place that will allow them to protect their investment in a fair and due process way, relying on transparent systems and where judgements are enforceable. In addition a modern banking system, without the need for payments in cash is a prerequisite for a modern and well governed economy. »
September 13, 2017 | Media News
Amar Shubar Speaks on Infrastructure and Construction at the Ghorfa
The fourth Iraqi-German economic forum showed that the economic consolidation of the country is gaining momentum. German companies are ready to get involved in the country. High-ranking government representatives spoke about current projects and reform projects. »
February 28, 2017 | Media News
How to benefit from big data
A range of applications for the modern CFO In the past, decision-making was reactive or based only on a leader's vision. However, data analytics allows a more scientific and proactive approach. This is important for the CFO whose role includes cost reduction and risk management, top and bottom-line growth, but also the ability to forecast and plan for the future and cope with sudden changes in market conditions. Data-driven budgeting, advanced cost analysis assessments, profitability modelling and optimisation will help address this new requirement. »
December 23, 2016 | Media News
Management Partners’ Amar Shubar Joins Panel Discussion at IBBC’s Inaugural Conference in Dubai
More than 180 expert speakers and delegates from the UK, Iraq, UAE and abroad gathered in Dubai at The Address Dubai Marina on Sunday 18 December for the Iraq Britain Business Council’s (IBBC) 2016 Autumn Conference. Usually held in London, the well-attended conference marked the first time the IBBC has held an event in the UAE, a hub for global and regional companies that operate in the Middle East. »
July 21, 2016 | Media News
Management Partners Chairs in the Second Council Meeting at IBBC 2016
The Iraq Britain Business Council’s (IBBC) second council meeting of 2016 was held at Cumberland Lodge on Saturday 9 July. Chaired by Baroness Nicholson of Winterbourne, IBBC’s Executive Chairman, the Council reviewed the organisation’s activities over the previous six months and discussed future plans. Council members recommended that IBBC organise a trade delegation to Baghdad possibly in September, which might be followed by a conference in Basrah. A draft agenda for the IBBC Dubai conference on Sunday 6 November was discussed in detail. »
July 11, 2016 | Media News
Amar Shubar Addressed on a session on Iraq’s Financial and Budgetary Crisis at IBBC’s Annual Retreat
Dara Rasheed, Iraq’s acting Minister of Housing and Construction; Ján Kubiš, Head of UNAMI and Special Representative of the United Nations for Iraq; Robert Bou Jaoude, the World Bank’s Special Representative for Iraq; Patrick Simmonet, the European Union’s Ambassador to Iraq; and Baroness Nicholson of Winterbourne, IBBC Executive Chairman and UK trade Envoy for Iraq, Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan, were among the speakers who took part in the Iraq Britain Business Council’s annual retreat at Cumberland Lodge, Great Windsor Park, from 8-10 July 2016. »
May 5, 2016 | Media News
Amar Shubar Sheds light on Oil and Gas Industry at IBBC Spring Conference 2016
The 2016 IBBC Spring Conference ‘Iraq in Transition’ took place on the 27th April at Mansion House and on the 28th April at the Vintners’ Hall in London. Day 1 at Mansion House started with addresses by Baroness Nicholson of Winterbourne, UK Trade Envoy for Iraq and IBBC Executive Chairman; the Lords Mayor’s Aldermanic Representative, Peter Estlin; the Iraqi Minister of Industry and Minerals, HE Mr Mohamed Sahib Khalaf Al-Daraji; the British Ambassador to Iraq, HE Frank Baker OBE; the Iraqi Ambassador to the UK, HE Dr Salih Husain Ali; and the Chairman of the Iraqi Federation of Chambers of Commerce, Jaafar Al Hamdani. »
December 1, 2013 | Media News
Iraq tackles housing challenge
Faced with a steady population growth – which peaked at 2.9% in 2012 – and a huge lack of housing after decades of war, as well as up to a 100% increase in rents and sky-rocketing prices for real estate, »
September 24, 2013 | Media News
Government funding insufficient to meet Iraq infrastructure demands
Iraq is facing a housing crisis, and is expected to complete only 5% of the 2.5 million homes it needs to build by 2016 to meet demand, the Minister for Construction and Housing said, informed a Reuters report. »