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Case Studies

Development of strategic national industry planning process

Our Task:

Defining a new strategic planning process for the Ministry of Industry and Mining in a Middle Eastern country to accelerate economic development and private sector participation. Development of business plans for a number of public sector entities – incl. market research, marketing strategy, operational layout and implementation and a capability building program on Business plans

Our Approach:

  • Development of strategic planning approach and restructuring frameworks
  • Defining strategy and PPP models for private sector engagement approaches
  • Preparation of guidelines for strategic business planning and private investor engagement
  • Supported business plan development and private sector investor attraction for the entities
  • Supported implementation of new strategic planning process across ministry departments and entities

Our Impact:

  • Developed restructuring strategies
  • Provided clear recommendations on PPP and private sector engagement approach
  • Conducted senior stakeholder and train the trainer trainings to build business planning capabilities and facilitate private sector partnerships
  • Developed detailed business plans and private sector partner target profiles for a number of entities